Hands in The Knick

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The Bourne Identity (2002) - We always work alone
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Bring it!

Words and Pictures Spam 15/?

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Words and Pictures Spam 10/?

Words and Pictures Spam 7/?


This scene. THIS SCENE!

more Words and Pictures gifs coming soon, but I had to share this in advance, because I just can’t get over how adorable he is.

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Dr. John Thackery  - The Knick | The Busy Flea Part 7

This really is a lovely project, and I couldn’t be happier to be involved. I hope everyone will buy this album for all the children they know, and support the Lenny Trusler Children’s Foundation with their efforts to help very ill babies.

Clive Owen on the Fairy Tales album on Orchid Classics (via ltcflondon)

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