Throwback Thursday

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Another hardworking day for the phisician

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Temper tantrum

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Sin City" UK Premiere (2005)

Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Frank Miller, Brittany Murphy, Robert Rodriguez and Michael Madsen.

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The Knick Season 1- About Dr. Thackery


Dr. John Thackery | Mr Paris Shoes - The Knick Episode 2 | Part 8

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You found me in a sorry state. And I asked something of you that is beyond what a woman, even a fine, young nurse, should be expected to do.

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You can only run away and join the circus if the circus wants you. I don’t want you in my circus.

M E T H O D & M A D N E S S

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The Knick Season 1 - About The Knick
Go behind the scenes with Clive Owen to get an exclusive view at the making of the new Cinemax original series.